Who Am I?

I have always talked with my grandmothers and used my hands and my voice, to heal and restore myself and those around me. I have not always been connected to a traditional folk way that grounded these practices in an animist cosmology and world view. This is my journey of reclamation, one that I am deeply called to share.

I am a sis-gendered male artist, builder, and practitioner of the Old Ways living in Portland, Oregon (Chinook/ Multnomah territory). My blood ancestors come from Germany, Irland, England, and Scandinavia.

I am a practitioner of the Balanzu Way healing tradition in Portland OR and studied with my teacher Jai Medina. In 2012 I graduated from Eastern Mennonite University with an MA in Conflict Transformation with an emphasis in restorative justice and healing historical harms. My teachers in European folk healing include Kari Tauring and Ingred Kincaid.