Energy Work and Conflict Transformation

“Conflict is only dangerous when we try to get away from it.”

-Dominic Barter

Conflict Transformation is a theory and practice of addressing conflict that works from the assumption that conflict can be a catalyst to growth and evolution. Often we live our lives avoiding conflict in order to keep a facade of peace and harmony. What if we used conflict, which is inevitable in our lives, to work towards real lasting peace in ourselves, and the world around us? The practice of conflict transformation seeks to draw out latent hurts and tensions and bring them to light in spaces where they can be seen and explored, not always comfortably, but safely with consciousness and attention.

Oaks from belowConflict is symptomatic of unhealed hurts in ourselves, and those we are in relationship with. The circumstances surrounding these old hurts intertwine with intersecting oppressions and can be very difficult to sort through and find ourselves amongst. The result of these hurts is that pieces of ourselves get lost, and with them our health, our presence, and our power.

Energy Work practices, especially when combined with Conflict Transformation skills and consciousness, can:

1. Support in healing emotional hurts and ending self-destructive patterns and addictions.
2. Bring us into alignment with our power, gifts and life path.
3. Establish the boundaries we need to have healthy relationships and communities.

Conflict Transformation is usually thought of as necessarily between two or more people. I believe that the most important conflicts we are asked to confront in our lives are the conflicts within ourselves. They are the conflicts to regain lost parts of ourselves, and to confront and challenge the parts of ourselves that have been corrupted by a materialistic culture laden with oppression and inequity.

When we come into a holistic state of being, when we have healed and seen and loved ourselves for who we truly are, we are able to be with other people in an authentic way, to deepen into intimacy and relationship, to build loving community, and to know and fulfill our life’s purpose.