Training Opportunities

The Balanzu Way is an energywork tradition based on the balance of masculine and feminine energies, and the power of transformation that rises in the space between. The tradition is grounded in the Mexican/indigenous lineage and shamanic practice Jai Medina, and is guided by the spirits we work with. I am honored to be helping to hold the tradition and to be a conduit for this Way.

Apprenticeship training in the Balanzu Way is a challenging shamanic warrior path of intensive personal and spiritual growth. It takes many years to unfold and is only open to those who are called by the spirits that guide the tradition. Practitioners of the Way go through seven ‘Gateways’—powerful initiatory processes of energetic attunement—where they must face and overcome their greatest fears with dedication, courage, and sacrifice. Through this process, apprentices gain knowledge, power, clarity, and compassion, while honing their intuitive gifts as spirit workers and healers.

Practitioners learn to cleanse and protect themselves and their spaces energetically, to channel messages from guides and spirits, and to vision into the past, future, and deeper into the empathic present for guidance and counseling. They perform energy rebalancing, soul retrieval, past-life work, cord-cutting, entity detachment, and other effective healing practices that transform their own lives, and the lives of their clients.

While all apprentices of the Balanzu Way share distinctive hallmarks of the tradition, each practitioner’s gifts are honored and unique. If you find yourself reading and resonating with this, and want to work with the tradition or someone in it, be assured you haven’t arrived here by accident. Welcome to the Way!