About Transformative Practices

OakmossThe work of understanding who we really are and what we are meant to do in the world begins with healing ourselves, our bodies and our minds.

With Transformative Practices we welcome in whatever stories are alive to be shared, emotions that are present to feel, and wisdom that’s available to learn from.

I use a variety of tools including energywork, holistic touch, and meditation/trance, alongside my training in peer counseling and conflict resolution.  In these sessions lost energy and soul pieces are retrieved, cords are cut, and old blocks and wounds are cleared.   Along with the healing work I offer in sessions, I also work to support and empower my clients in developing their own capacity to heal themselves, to tap into their higher knowing, and to live into their gifts.

Many of my clients come after they have exhausted all other avenues for healing.  Though this work is not for everyone, and shouldn’t be a substitute for other required professional services, this work can help heal or relieve a variety of situations including: addictions, trauma, depression, anxiety, pain, physical injury or illness, etc.  It can also be great for those who don’t have specific symptoms but are just looking for some clarity and guidance in their life path.

My clients come to me ready to work and our time together is a sacred container for transformation and growth.

I see clients in person and remotely

For a free consultation call: (503) 852-1025

60 min session $100

If the posted fee is a significant barrier to accessing services please ask about sliding scale options that may be available