Giles Charlé is a man of european ancestry.   He is the Tradition Keeper of the Balanzu Way, a shamanic energy work tradition based on the balance of masculine and feminine energies, and the power of transformation that rises in the space between. The Balanzu Way is grounded in the Mexican/indigenous lineage and shamanic practice of its founder, and Giles’ partner, Jai Medina, a Two-Spirit of Coahuilteca and Bine’zaa heritage.  Giles and Jai are also part of the leadership council of TRiBE, a spiritual community that honors our kinship with the earth and with each other. Inspired by our ancient ancestors, TRiBE gathers people from all walks of life to re-weave the hoop of indigenous wisdom for a modern world.

Giles has been practicing energy work and conflict transformation for over a decade. His unique background has led him to work with a broad range of individuals and groups. His work in Conflict Transformation includes individual conflict coaching, interpersonal mediation, facilitating Restorative Justice processes, and supporting accountability processes for sexual assault offenses.

Giles specializes in working with men and masculinity.  Since men are most likely to be victims and perpetrators of violence, Giles sees masculinity work as a preventative community health initiative.  He is the co-founder of Beloved Men, a community organization offering resources, coaching, and groups to masculine people.

Giles holds a Masters in Conflict Transfermation and a Masters Cirtificate in non-profit management and social entrepanorialship from Eastern Mennonite University.  He completed his internship with Fierce Allies an intensive training, facilitation, and consulting program that fosters deep partnerships across divides of power and privilege. 

Giles believes that spirit is a crucial aspect of the transformative process, and holds space for this in his work while being considerate and respectful of diverse cultural, spiritual backgrounds, and traditions.