About Giles

Giles is a teacher and student of the Balanzu Way, a shamanic healing arts tradition based on the balance of masculine and feminine energies, and the power of transformation that rises in the space between. The Balanzu Way is grounded in the Mexican/indigenous lineage and shamanic practice of its founder, Jai Medina, a Two-Spirit of Coahuilteca and Bine’zaa heritage.

Giles brings his experience in conflict transformation and peer counseling to his healing work.  In 2012 he received his Masters degree in Conflict Transformation from Eastern Mennonite University. He went on to work with Fierce Allies in equity consulting for non-profits, businesses and communities.

In addition to his work in community conflict transformation, Giles is also a practitioner of Peer Counseling.  Peer Counseling has helped him learn to take responsibility for his own emotional growth and healing, and to gain skills in supporting others.

Giles is a male of European decent who is consistently striving to understand his privilege and power in the world.  He believes that spirit is a crucial aspect to our collective and individual healing processes and works to be considerate and respectful of diverse cultural, spiritual backgrounds, and traditions.