“Giles has helped me get to a place where I feel alive and moving towards my life’s purpose again. He has been gentle, wise, kind and trustworthy. I highly recommend his guidance.”




Having someone in your life guiding and supporting you to fulfill your goals and to be your most powerful authentic self.

Life challenges us to push through, to decide, and to take action.

We are also challenged to relax, to enjoy, and to surrender.

We are challenged to love unconditionally, to offer care and support, and to stand up in the face of injustice and oppression.

With all that life asks of us, we all could use a hand sometimes.  We all need someone to occasionally put their own issues to the side and think about us and what we need.

To let us fall apart

To help us make important choices

And move through particularly difficult challenges

To hold us as we become the person we are meant to be


I feel fundamentally safe and supported in my time with Giles, and prefer the casual yet respectful dynamic that we work in over more typical therapist/counselor to patient ways of relating.



Real power is the power to transform ourselves.


It’s the power to stop doing what we’ve been told to do.

To stop being who we’ve been told to be.

To start being who we are

To start doing what we are meant to do.

Take a step towards your bigger goals and dreams.

Take a step for you, for your life.


For a free 20 min consultation, give me a call:

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“[Giles] helped me to develop my own self-healing practices that have greatly improved my life, and for that I am forever grateful!”



Transformative Practices

OakmossThe work of understanding who we really are and what we are meant to do in the world begins with healing ourselves, our bodies and our minds.

With Transformative Practices we welcome in whatever stories are alive to be shared, emotions that are present to feel, and wisdom that’s available to learn from.

I use a variety of tools including energywork, holistic touch, and meditation/trance, alongside my training in peer counseling and conflict resolution.  In these sessions lost energy and soul pieces are retrieved, energetic cords are cut, and old blocks and wounds are given space to heal.   Along with the healing work I offer in sessions, I also work to support and empower my clients in developing their own capacity to heal themselves, to tap into their higher knowing, and to live into their personal gifts.

Many of my clients come after they have exhausted all other avenues for healing.  Though this work is not for everyone, and shouldn’t be a substitute for other required professional services, this work can help heal or relieve a variety of situations including: addictions, trauma, depression, anxiety, pain, physical injury or illness, etc.  It can also be great for those who don’t have specific symptoms but are just looking for some clarity and guidance in their life path.

My clients come to me ready to work and our time together is a sacred container for transformation and growth.

For a free consultation call

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“Giles was extremely accurate in where it was that I needed guidance. I really appreciate his quiet, intuitive wisdom. It comes from a deep place. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”



Men’s Work 


Though I work with people of all genders, I have particular experience working with men and masculine people. Throughout our lives we have been bombarded with messages about what masculinity and male sexuality is and should be. These messages make it very difficult to know our true selves, our true nature, and our true power.  We are isolated in our experience. These stories segregate us from one another and make it difficult to show ourselves and connect.  We turn to addictive patterns (work, unhealthy relationships, substances, and money) for relief, but our spirits are dimmed and we continue to replicate harmful patters with ourselves, and our loved ones.

How do we break free from this cycle?  What does healthy masculinity look like?

Combining embodied approaches of new masculine empowerment, with anti-oppression analysis, my approach to masculinity work will support in developing a practice of fierce allyship with women, and other marginalized groups, while simultaneously helping men and masculine identified people move into greater freedom, choice and personal power. 

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“Giles has helped me push myself into transforming old patterns into new ones. He has the ability to tell if you are aligning honestly with ones higher self.”



Conflict Transformation

Conflict Transformation is a theory and practice of addressing conflict that works from the assumption that conflict can be a catalyst to growth and evolution. Often we live our lives avoiding conflict in order to keep a facade of peace and harmony. What if we used conflict, which is inevitable in our lives, to work towards real lasting peace in ourselves, and the world around us? The practice of conflict transformation seeks to draw out latent hurts and tensions and bring them to light in spaces where they can be seen and explored, not always comfortably, but safely with consciousness and attention.

Oaks from belowConflict is symptomatic of unhealed hurts in ourselves, and those we are in relationship with. The circumstances surrounding these old hurts intertwine with intersecting oppressions and can be very difficult to sort through and find ourselves amongst. The result of these hurts is that pieces of ourselves get lost, and with them our health, our presence, and our power.

Energy Work practices, especially when combined with Conflict Transformation skills and consciousness, can:

1. Support in healing emotional hurts and ending self-destructive patterns and addictions.

2. Bring us into alignment with our power, gifts and life path.

3. Establish the boundaries we need to have healthy relationships and communities.

Conflict Transformation is usually thought of as necessarily between two or more people. I believe that the most important conflicts we are asked to confront in our lives are the conflicts within ourselves. They are the conflicts to regain lost parts of ourselves, and to confront and challenge the parts of ourselves that have been corrupted by a materialistic culture laden with oppression and inequity.

When we come into a holistic state of being, when we have healed and seen and loved ourselves for who we truly are, we are able to be with other people in an authentic way, to deepen into intimacy and relationship, to build loving community, and to know and fulfill our life’s purpose.

I am also available for multi party conflict transformation support.  This can look a lot of different ways from mediation to restorative justice circles.  

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Ancestral Healing

Discovering our path forward starts with knowing who we are and where we come from. It starts with knowing our personal history and life experiences that have shaped us, but it also involves a knowing of who our people are, where they come from and what they have been through.

liken1Often in the dominant culture we are lead to believe that this is irrelevant or inconsequential.  The world is changing rapidly and old ways of being and knowing quickly become obsolete.  One of the many consequences of this is that we loose track of our connection to a living purpose and legacy here on this planet.  We loose track of our unique place, path  and purpose, and thus we are left feeling alone and ambivalent.   

We are challenged in this time to reweave our connection to the past, not to relive it, but to recognize that we are a part of it whether we acknowledge it or not.  That our ancestors live through us still and the more consciously we engage these relationships the more we are able to work creatively with the challenges of the present and future.  

My work with clients includes exploration of the clients unique history.  We connect with younger selves, with ancestors that have particular guidance and information to share, and we work to develop daily practices and studies that are specific to particular ancestral experiences. 

My own ancestral lineage comes primarily from the British Isles.  And though I have studied healing and spiritual traditions from other cultures my focus is on the practices and ways of my blood ancestors.   

For a free consultation call

(503) 852-1025

60 min session: $100

Phone or video phone sessions are also available.

If the posted fee is a significant barrier to accessing services please ask about sliding scale options that may be available 


Here’s what others have experienced:

“Giles is an incredible healer. His calm and caring demeanor has really provided a safe haven for getting to the core of roadblocks in my own healing journey.”


“I have felt supported and uplifted in my healing and transformation process through accessing his vast array of practical tools, frameworks, and experiences dealing with conflict, both relational and internal.”


“Thoughtful, present and amazingly powerful. I always look forward to my time with Giles.”


“Easy going, fun to work with, and magical.”

– Sam