In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me,

an invincible summer.”

– Albert Camus


Having someone in your life guiding and supporting you to fulfill your goals and to be your most powerful authentic self.

Life challenges us to push through, to decide, and to take action.

We are also challenged to relax, to enjoy, and to surrender.

We are challenged to love unconditionally, to offer care and support, and to stand up in the face of injustice and oppression.

With all that life asks of us, we all could use a hand sometimes.  We all need someone to occasionally put their own thoughts and occupations to the side and think about us and what we need.  To let us fall apart, to help us make important choices, to hold us accountable to who we want to be.

Take a step towards your bigger goals and dreams.

Take a step for you, for your life.

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Spirit Work

Oaks from belowThe work of understanding who we really are and what we are meant to do in the world begins with healing ourselves, our bodies and our minds.  In my Spirit Work and Coaching practice, I hold a space of empathic listening to give clients a safe place to explore what’s going on in their lives. I may also use resonant voice, drumming, or light touch to call upon and tap into healing energies above and beyond ourselves. I support clients to connect with their deeper intuition and spiritual guidance so that they can get grounded and in touch with their own power. This can help manage or end attachments and addictions to activities, substances, and relationships that are unhealthy, and to move through trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, or other difficulties. Energywork heals at all levels, to help us regain our health and vitality.

90 min session: $100

Skype sessions are also available.

If the posted fee is a significant barrier to accessing services, then please ask about sliding scale options that may be available.

For a free consultation call: (503) 852-1025

Masculinity Coaching

RockcrackThroughout our lives, we have been bombarded with messages about what masculinity and male sexuality is and should be. These messages make it very difficult to know our true selves, our true nature, and our true power.  We are isolated in our experience. These stories segregate us from one another and make it difficult to show ourselves and connect.  We turn to addictive patterns (work, unhealthy relationships, substances, and money) for relief, but our spirits are dimmed and we continue to replicate harmful patterns with ourselves and our loved ones.

How do we break free from this cycle?  What does healthy masculinity look like?

Combining embodied approaches of new masculine empowerment, with anti-oppression Practices, my approach to masculinity work will support in developing a practice of fierce allyship with women, and other marginalized groups, while simultaneously helping men and masculine identified people move into greater freedom, choice and personal power. With exercises of embodied sacred intimacy, meditations and ritual we will explore men’s conditioning (the lies and the truths) and better understand our power to affect change in our lives, the lives of our loved ones, and the world.

90 min session: $100

If the posted fee is a significant barrier to accessing services, then please ask about sliding scale options that may be available.

For  a free consultation call: (503) 852-1025

And check out The Beloved Men Community for more resources, groups, and events.

Here’s what others have experienced:

“Giles is an incredible healer. His calm and caring demeanor has really provided a safe haven for getting to the core of roadblocks in my own healing journey.”


“I have felt supported and uplifted in my healing and transformation process through accessing his vast array of practical tools, frameworks, and experiences dealing with conflict, both relational and internal.”


“Thoughtful, present and amazingly powerful. I always look forward to my time with Giles.”


“Easy going, fun to work with, and magical.”

– Sam

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